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Article Presse Magazine / CAURIS D’AFRIQUE – Jan2018

 Original text, excerpt from the article :   HIS HIGHNESS PRINCE NICOLAS 1st CARRIES SOME ATTENTION TO AFRICA (par Jean-Claude BAKALI) Small in size but large in the size of its currency, the Principality of Seborga, a world economic power, is of a secular history without precedent. In its development aid policy, it makes Africa […]

Article Magazine CAURIS D’AFRIQUE – Nov2017

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ASD OR THE DREAMED SOLUTION… by Jean-Claude BAKALI   Original text, excerpt from the article: ASD OR THE DREAMED SOLUTION… by Jean-Claude BAKALI. If after fifty years of independence and development aid, Africa is struggling to start its development process. It goes without saying that traditional partners who claim to be working for the continent’s […]