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Small in size but large in the size of its currency, the Principality of Seborga, a world economic power, is of a secular history without precedent. In its development aid policy, it makes Africa into general and Togo in particular, one of its priorities. This justifies the very good bilateral relations that exist between the Principality seborgienne and the State Togolais. Witness the recent visit of the Grand Chancellor Martial MUTTE to Togo.
In an exclusive interview with CAURIS D’AFRIQUE MAGAZINE in margin of his visit to Togo, he tackles several major topics of the moment.


Hello Mr. Chancellor, tell us, what is the purpose of your visit to Togo at a time when the destination Togo, is not the first option for many people because of the current political crisis?
It seems to me that the crisis is not only localized here in Togo but that it has a global aspect today. The purpose of my visit does not lie in the fact of a crisis but on a fact of a pure friendship between our two countries and an existing collaboration.

You are Prince Chancellor of the Seborgian Principality, tell us briefly about this principality which, despite its smallness has the strongest currency in the world?
I will not tell you that the richness of a country, economic or cultural, is not related to the size of its territory but to its influence. The Principality knew 110 princes before Prince Nicolas I and It was the cradle of the Knights Templar was a time for this title to contain within its walls a history of more than 1000 years. Since the year 954 exactly. The Principality of Seborga is bordered by Italy while being a few kilometers from France and Monaco, its neighboring principality.

What is the secret that allows you to have the strongest currency and how do you celebrate in terms of stowage? 
If secret there was, it would only be the fruit of the history of our millennial principality. The Luigino is indexed to the US dollar and its current value is about 3300 CFA francs for 1 Luigino. But since you use the term stowage, I would say that the ship is well attached to its port to further increase its prosperity.

Speaking of bilateral relations, what are the relations between the Seborgian Principality and Togo?
As I stated in a previous answer, the relations between our Principality and the Republic of Togo are founded in a common friendship, with the will and sole objective of fostering the development of our respective countries through our institutions.

Mr. Chancellor, why the choice of Togo, a small country in Africa, to host the headquarters of the Africa zone of the Seborga Development Agency?
How development is present in the minds of everyone in this new era that we are living. The ASD is a public interest organization whose mission is to contribute to the development of the Nations, and whose mission is to mobilize resources by granting loans to public or private legal entities, but also to individuals for that everyone can be recognized in their values  and benefits. As for having chosen Togo, a small country in Africa as you say, it goes without saying that it did not focus on the size of the territory for the reasons mentioned above, but for its international influence. and its great capacity of reception. In this sense, we are very proud that our Minister of the Economy and Finance is one of his sons.

Having an African ASD seat means that the Principality feeds or places a lot of ambitions and attention for the African continent. So what are the short, medium and long term objectives that the Principality of Seborga has for Africa?
His Highness Prince Nicolas I pays some attention, or some attention, to Africa. It is not uncommon to hear him say that if Africa is the cradle of humanity, it will never be her grave. In the sense that the humanist policy of the Prince is only intended to contribute to the development of Africa so that everyone can grow and evolve in a concern for equality while respecting the political currents established in each country, whether either in a short, medium, or long term.

In terms of foreign policy, what kind of relations does the Principality of Seborga intend to maintain or maintain with Africa, when we know that the other traditional cooperation relations that Africa has had so far, are generally based on the principle dominated and dominant?

I think I answered this question implicitly in the previous one. One does not make a humanist policy unless one is aware that the development of nations can not take place or even flourish in the feeling of the dominated / dominant. If I spoke of a new era previously, it was precisely not to support the fact that the time of conquest seems to me to be over. We are for equality to evolve into a win / win feeling. This is what my Government is proposing, and I believe that this is what it is, at the moment, that it is what is most constructive and practical that can be done in a spirit of actions and responsibilities. By this I mean that giving oxygen to the economic heart of Africa is also giving a new breath and beneficent for all the international nations.

A closer look, Africa seems a priority for the Principality seen actions on the continent. How to explain this interest for Africa? Is it because of its potential to the extent that Africa remains the continent of future on several levels (human, natural reserves …)?

It is true, and you are right to say it, that Africa has great potential. But what about today? I think Africa has reached a certain maturity that is good to raise awareness. When I say mature, I speak of its human potential. Africa is full of knowledge and skills and it seems to me essential to respond to this maturity by providing the necessary means for its enlargement. Starting with the beginning, through economic and cultural cooperation through decisions that will be taken commonly in the councils of our respective governments and that would be by the same generatrices of jobs. It is obvious that one does not take important economic measures without committing a political act. It is a daily and vital subject. These are the ambitions of my government, to tighten our existing ties a little more in order to act together even more closely.

Finally, if we should leave a message to the African people, what would you say to them as the conclusion of this meeting, Mr. Chancellor?
I would tell them to have, or to have great confidence in the future, because the future can not do without him.

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