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by Jean-Claude BAKALI


Original text, excerpt from the article:


by Jean-Claude BAKALI.

If after fifty years of independence and development aid, Africa is struggling to start its development process. It goes without saying that traditional partners who claim to be working for the continent’s development have failed. It is therefore imperative to change course by finding new systems and new partners that can truly invest in Africa’s development.

This is precisely what led us in our research to discover the Seborgian Development Agency (ASD) which from our point of view offers a real solution to the development of Africa. The primary and most plausible reason for the failure of Africa’s traditional partners in its development process is essentially related to the mechanisms and systems put in place to support Africa in its development agenda. Unfortunately, these methods have proved their limits and Africa needs to find a credible alternative that can enable it to continue its development process. One of these alternatives we have discovered is the ASD.


What is ASD?

It is a state body with a permanent mission of public interest abroad. It may conclude public-private partnerships for the development of nations, related to its mission under the conditions defined by the statutes of the headquarters of which it is a body and an extension in Africa. The mission of the ASD is the mobilization of internal and external resources for the implementation of the Seborgian State’s development aid policy abroad, in order to contribute to the international and state development. corresponding to the zones.

This through the development of Economic Operators and State Industries corresponding to the zones. Thus, it can mobilize resources or have its headquarters, which has enough means, finance development operations that respect the environment. Conduct activities and services that are part of his mission. The ASD is responsible for directly or indirectly providing technical expertise to the beneficiaries of its assistance. It also works for the mobilization of the Diaspora and their investment in Africa. The ASD competitions are in the form of loans, equity participation, guarantees, donations or any other form of financing competition aimed at ensuring the development of its partners. Therefore, these competitions are granted in private, to international organizations, to legal persons of public law or private law, including non-governmental organizations engaged in development or individuals. The Agency may, depending on its regulations, fund projects proposed by NGOs in the short, medium or long term. The amount of the endowment is defined by the Board of Directors of the Central Bank of the Principality of Seborga (BCPS).


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