Area E / EUROPE (Western / Central / Eastern)

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The Seborgian Development Agency, hereafter referred to as “A.S.D.”, is a State Instrument created by Decree of Prince Nicolas 1st. The aim of the A.S.D. is to conclude public-private partnerships (PPP) for the development of the nations, related to its mission in the conditions defined by the statutes of registred office of which it is the authority.


Its mission is to conduct operations of “Resource mobilization” both internally and externally in order to:

  1. To contribute to the implementation of the policy of development assistance of the Seborga State abroad;
  2. To contribute to the international expansion;
  3. To contribute to the development of the States according to the geographical zones;
  4. To contribute to the development of the Economic operators and Industries of the States according to the geographical zones.


The A.S.D. has the power to mobilize resources, or have it financed by its Headquarter, any development operations. In respect of the environment, it may be led to conduct various activities and services related to its mission. The agency is particulary in charge of ensuring directly indirectly any technical expertise provided to the beneficiaries of its assistance.


The Agency is subjected, for those of its relevant activities, to the provisions applicable to international agency specialized in the search for financing for development projects.


It comprises three Departments:

  • Western Europe Department ;
  • Central Europe Department ;
  • Eastern Europe Department ;